About Shae

Introducing Shae McKay from Acorn to Oak Photography………..

Shay McKayI am a natural light photographer who delights in combining fine-art & photography to eternalise your special memories. I specialize in original wedding images, playful children’s & family portraits & stunning photos for model portfolios.

For especially beautiful images I prefer to work on beaches, at parks, bushlands & river banks where natural sunlight creates a soft, lovely, warm atmosphere.  Having photo shoots in naturally beautiful outdoor areas also means that my clients are more relaxed & enjoy the experience which ultimately means more successful creative photos.

As a professional photographer, I shoot in RAW format. This is, as the name suggests, raw: Unprocessed, uncooked & undeveloped (the equivalent of a film negative). I take these RAW files & work with them in the latest version of Photoshop in a similar way that an artist would work on a canvas. One image may take up to 30mins to completely process. I take pride in my work & I am passionate about creating images that are both beautiful & unique.  My aim is to capture the true essence of who you are & create images that you will love & truly cherish forever. I have recently completed a Diploma in Professional Photography with a 93% average so I can offer you the finest service & creative photos.

Shae McKayI am currently based in the beautiful Gulf coast area of Florida, where I live with my amazing husband, 3 young children & 2 rough collies. Photography & creativity is just as large a part of family life now as it was when I was growing up with both of my parents being art teachers.

So if you’re interested in learning more about how we can work together to create truly beautiful & memorable images, please contact me.